Welcome to World Auto Pte Ltd

You can assure 100% quality service

Since its establishment, World Auto Pte Ltd strongly believes in providing a high level of skilled management and exceptional service in the auto industry. Formed by a group of experience, motivated and dedicated executives, World Auto Pte Ltd recognizes the need be constantly in the know for new and better solutions.

Our Facilities

World Auto Pte Ltd is able to accommodate up to 25 vehicles at any one time of the day. Supported by a team of over 27 fully trained and qualified mechanics, technicians and support staff, the company provides comprehensive vehicle maintenance, repair and overhaul services, including panel beating and spray-painting and refurbishment of vehicles. Besides providing the above services, we also have diagnostic equipments and computers capable to scan and detect data error codes for most cars, up to date equipments for repairs for vehicles.

Customers can choose to either leave their vehicles under our care or rest in our spacious customer lounge enjoying a cup of coffee. We also provide free wireless service for customers to enjoy free internet access.